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A Standalone Psychological Suspense Thriller Coming 06.27.23!

Charley Hale is unhappy. 

And why wouldn’t she be? She and her husband, John, are going through a rough patch. The arguing, his constant need to monitor her spending, the late nights at the office. That other woman. 

Even their teenage daughter, Lowan, seems to have a vendetta against her these days. Then there’s the added stress that comes with the knowledge that a killer is walking among them—and he’s targeting housewives. Women like Charley, whose bodies keep washing up along the banks of the Crow River.

When John and Lowan leave town for a weekend in August, Charley looks forward to some much-needed time alone. She’s been on edge ever since Declan Ward moved in next door. Because the last thing she wants to do is tell her husband that they’ve met before—that  Declan isn’t the stranger she made him out to be. 

But John and Lowan return to find Charley missing, her bags packed and abandoned at the door—and John’s not sure what to make of the situation. Did the killer that’s been wreaking havoc on their community find his way to their front door? Or did their peculiar new neighbor move in with a plan to win back the one that got away?

The pressure mounts as detectives work to find Charley and catch a killer before he strikes again. But will they get to her in time? Or will the darkness surrounding their community leave everyone in fear of their neighbors?

Dark and mysterious, Down She Goes is a captivating and pulse-pounding psychological suspense thriller that’ll have readers begging for just one more chapter.

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