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Psychological Suspense Thriller

Allie Mason has it all: a handsome and doting boyfriend, a great career as an editor for an independent publisher, and a reliable best friend who keeps her on her toes. Coupled with her girl-next-door looks, Allie is a textbook definition of happy everything.

Until one night, she’s stripped of it all.

Allie is attacked in her home, badly beaten and raped—with no memory of the traumatizing events that took place that night.

As Allie works to uncover the truth, she’s left with more questions than answers—and forced to make an unimaginable decision.

With her attacker still at large, Allie is gripped by fear—and the growing sensation that someone has been following her.

That they may be out there…watching. Waiting.

Even Though it's Breaking: Work
Even Though it's Breaking: Text
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