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Reviewing Even Though It's Breaking

I was thrilled to be sent an ARC for Even Though It’s Breaking by the magnificent Shannon Jump. Let’s get the important stuff out of the way- 5 ⭐️. If you haven’t preordered this one yet- best hop to it!

Allie wakes up in the hospital. She has fallen victim to a brutal physical and sexual assault. However, she has no recollection of the attack. Before the attack, Allie had a great career in publishing and a handsome boyfriend, Tarek. Still- she can’t help but feel like she wants, no needs, something more to feel fulfilled. Suffocated in her relationship she decides to part ways with Tarek… little does she know there is another man in her life. His name is Owen. She has never met him but he is always watching and waiting….

This story was such a rollercoaster. One second I would be in tears. The next I would be giggling. The steam was *chefs kiss* and the twists- they literally do not stop! Even in the epilogue, there was a reveal that nearly made my brain explode.

Also, I am floored at the author’s ability to write about such heavy content and handle it with such care. There is no violence merely for the sake of violence. Each event carries so much importance to the overall plot in this intricate web of twists, deceits, and holy shit moments.

Congrats to the author on an amazing sophomore novel! I loved My Only Sunshine and dare I say I love Even Though It’s Breaking more? Even Though It’s Breaking publishes 10/26/21!