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When the heat of seduction sparks a fire, someone is bound to get burned.

The best of two worlds collide in this intensely provocative and addicting psychological thriller series. Full of steam and scream, seduction, and deception, the Crimes of Passion series is fast-paced, witty, and sure to leave readers on the edge of their seats.



Book 1, available now on Amazon, B&N, Walmart, and select indie bookstores

Life has never been easy for the strikingly beautiful Alisha Thompson.

As an admitted sex addict and adult webcam performer, Alisha’s highly troubled past—a childhood riddled with abandonment and neglect that’s left her nearly void of emotions—comes back to haunt her. When her husband, Dylan, ends up dead, she’s found wide-eyed in the corner of the room, the murder weapon tightly gripped in her hand.

And covered in blood.

The evidence against her is compelling. Now incarcerated, she awaits trial for the brutal murder, and everyone—including her high stakes attorney—seems to doubt her innocence.

The Minnesota case takes the media by storm, and as a life-long loner, Alisha knows she has no one to turn to. Her life suspended, she spends the long days in prison keeping the other inmates at arm's length, desperate to evade a life sentence.

But prison brings its own challenges.

And when an unexpected face from her past shows up in the courtroom, will Alisha be out for justice? Or revenge?

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The Crimes of Passion series continues 07.19.2022

Ivy Rogers always gets her way. 

Not lately, though. 

An unexpected love triangle last year left her already-troubled marriage in shambles—and she’s still working to pick up the pieces. An open marriage was supposed to save their relationship—spice things up and break up the mundane—but it did just the opposite, leaving Ivy heartbroken and sending her lover off to prison. Now separated, Ivy’s determined to get back what she’s lost: a salacious husband with a padded bank account.

And she’ll do just about anything to win him back.

There’s only one problem: Ivy’s a mom now. And her husband, Sawyer, isn’t the father of her newborn son. Nursery rhymes and late-night feedings aren’t on his agenda, and Ivy knew this going into the marriage. But the domestic life of a single mom wasn’t quite what she had in mind, either. 

With a newly hired nanny on staff, Ivy quickly falls into a pattern of destructive behavior. And when the divorce papers show up, she decides it’s time to turn back to her roots. As a former escort, she seeks solace in the dark corners of a local brothel while making her way to the bottom of a never-ending bottle. It’s only a matter of time before Ivy’s escapades backfire. 

By then, she’ll have lost everything.

Now she’s run into some legal trouble of her own. With a dark secret threatening her padded life of luxury, Ivy’s time for retribution may be running out. Will her past mistakes finally catch up with her? Or will she find a way to cheat the justice system once and for all?

Deceptively charming, sultry, and fast-paced, Like A Bird In Flight is a provocative psychological thriller for fans of the unreliable narrator.